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The Seals is now offering franchises throughout the United States.

Looking for a business opportunity that checks all the boxes:

Existing demand for the product
Residual income stream
Poor & fragmented competition
Low overhead

Listen to Andy Dinkin, President of The Seals, speaking to the Metrolina Business Council of Charlotte about his plans to franchise the business.

With our proven systems and in-depth training, you can expect to start selling to customers and making money your very first month in the business.

Because all of the software is cloud-based, your business will be ready to scale quickly, plus you’ll have the support you need from our dedicated corporate team. And, because we have our own manufacturing division, you’ll get the best gaskets at the best price, allowing you to provide great value to your customers.

THE SEALS is now offering the opportunity to own your own business. If you are considering buying a franchise, here are 20.5 facts you should know about this one:

1. Existing demand for the product – You don’t have to convince your customers to buy gaskets. They have to buy them. Gaskets tear and get moldy. Health inspectors mandate they get replaced when this happens. All you have to do is get them to start buying from you.

2. Poor and fragmented competition – Most restaurants use their commercial refrigeration vendor to handle their gasket replacement needs. These vendors don’t want to replace gaskets, they want to work on compressors and electrical components. We will teach you our simple and effective marketing strategy so you can earn new business quickly.

3. A residual income stream – Once you win a customer, they will need your services on an ongoing basis. Even our high-quality gaskets wear out and need to be replaced, plus you have other products and services that restaurants value.

4. Recession-resistant – Even in a bad economy, these ongoing maintenance requirements must be handled.

5. Limited fixed overhead – You run your business from your existing vehicle without the need to rent office space.

6. Low start-up cost – You don’t have to buy any upfront inventory or expensive equipment.

7. Truly unique – First and only franchise offering in this service category.

8. Fast-Track Training – Learning Management App that provides over 100 training videos so you get off to a fast start.

9. Real-World Training – Comprehensive 2-week field training program with our experienced team in North Carolina.

10. Business Development in Your Territory – Our team will come to you for a full week of customer acquisition efforts.

11. Responsive ongoing field tech support – You are just a phone call away from the most knowledgeable team in the industry, standing by to help you identify what products to order and how to troubleshoot an installation problem.

12. Integrated supply chain – You will buy the best gaskets, at the best prices, from the most responsive manufacturer in the industry.

13. You look like a Pro! – The logo, business card, unit labels, and marketing collateral create a first-class image that allow you to stand out from the rest.

14. Not our first rodeo!! –10+ Year Track Record of Success in the southeast provides you with accounts to reference right from the very beginning.

15. Strong digital presence – LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – we do it all!

16. We make it easy – Manage your client-base with ease using our customized business management software.

17. No-brainer accounting – We’ve customized Quickbooks Online Accounting software to make handling your bookkeeping needs a breeze.

18. Keeping you in the loop – Weekly conference calls to handle FAQs, updates, provide strategy and support. Most importantly, we will keep you motivated and connected.

19. Invested in your success – Send as many future employees as you’d like to our North Carolina field training program at no additional cost.

20. Keeping you sharp & memorable – Online apparel and ad specialty store.

20.5 A proven track record of success – Learn more about our company founder at

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